FT6800 series high-power DC electronic load (2.6kW-72kW)

Voltage range: 120V, 500V, 800V, 1000V, 1200V; 

Current range: 1600A;

Power range: 2.6kW ~ 72kW

The FT6800 series high-power programmable DC electronic load is a multi-functional, large-capacity electronic load product designed with high reliability and high stability. High bandwidth loop control unit, strong anti-vibration ability, it is suitable for various power sources. At the same time, fast fuse protection design of the power module ensures the continuous working ability of the whole machine. The FT6800 series has a rich product line, with voltage ranges 40V, 120V, 500V, 800V, 1000V, 1200V; The power of a single unit ranges from 2.6kW to 52kW, and the maximum current of a single unit is 2400A. The wider working range and extremely fast dynamic frequency can effectively satisfy most of the test requirements.