FT66100A multi-channel DC electronic load (300W/600W, 80V/500V)

Voltage range: 80V/500V; 

Current range: 10A ~ 120A;

Power range: 300W/600W

The FT66100 series multi-channel programmable DC electronic load adopts modular design, a single frame can install up to 6 electronic load modules. Its 8-inch LCD screen can display working status of 6 channels simultaneously, and adaptively adjust the display layout according to the number of channels. The product provides basic test modes such as CC, CV, CR, and CP, as well as LED test and dynamic test function, the dynamic frequency can reach 20kHz.

The FT66100 series adopts the structure of one host plus multiple modules. Users can select modules according to the number of channels to be tested and power requirements, which is very suitable for building a power supply test platform. The product comes with RS232, GPIB (optional), LAN (optional), convenient for users to implement remote control.