FT68200A/E series high-power DC electronic load (6kW~60kW)

Voltage range:150V, 600V, 1200V; 

Current range:2400A, the maximum current can be extended to 10000A;

Power range:6kW~60kW, parallel up to 10 units can expand to 600kW;

The FT68200A/E series of high-power programmable DC electronic loads are the masterpiece of Faith technology after many years of design and manufacture experiences in the field of high-power electronic loads.

FT68200A/E series power density is twice that of traditional load. The wider current range and extremely high dynamic frequency effectively increase the test capability and application range.

The powerful instantaneous overload capacity can reach more than twice the rated power, which greatly improves the reliability of the load and effectively reduces the test cost. Abundant working modes, adjustable voltage and current slew rate, as well as automatic testing, sequential testing, and dynamic testing, have strengthened the overall product capability.