01 1970-01
【 Application Sharing 】 High sensitivity current sensing module test application case
In recent years, the application scale of the Internet of Things in the industrial field continues to expand, the degree of intelligence is ...
23 2022-11
【Application Sharing】 UPS power inverter test application sharing
UPS uninterruble power supply is a kind of uninterruble power supply with constant voltage and constant frequency containing energy storage ...
15 2022-11
[Application Share] Test application of lightning rod system for military aircraft
The test object of this case is the military-grade lightning rod system, which is installed on the fuselage of the medium and large UAV, and...
10 2022-11
Comparison of linear DC power supply and switching DC power supply
The linear power supply can only output lower voltage than the input voltage, so all the linear power supply requires the input voltage is h...
09 2022-10
Switching Power Supply Test---Step I
One:  The Working Principle Of Switchable Power Supply1, switching power supply is a high-frequency switching type energy conversi...
25 2022-10
Faith DC electronic load Technology - Ultra low voltage High Current fuel cell test applications
Test object: fuel cell (monolithic, membrane electrode, short stack)In recent years, our country has actively participated in carbon emissio...
18 2022-10
How to make power battery charge and discharge test?
For the knowledge of power battery charge and discharge test, if we understand it clearly, we will not get the battery charge and disch...
09 2022-10
Switching Power Supply Test Step II
(4) Reading the test results:A. It is usually measured under the conditions of full load, half load and zero load.B. The phase should be rea...
05 2022-10
Where to use programmable power supply
With the increasing abundance of various electrical and instrument equipment, higher requirements have been put forward for the flexibility ...
25 2022-09
What is a DC power supply
Programmable DC power supply allows remote controller operation through analog input or digital interfaces such as GPIB or RS232. The contro...
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