20 2022-09
DC electronic load for battery testing--charging testing
DC electronic load for Battery charging test :Ordinary charging mode:The constant current mode of the DC programmable electronic load is an ...
20 2022-09
How DC Electronic Load Work
DC electronic load is a kind of power electronic device designed and implemented based on power electronic technology, computer technology a...
17 2022-09
How to use a DC electronic load
1. Selection of voltage, current and power; Choice of accuracy and resolution. According to the measured source (power supply, battery,...
01 1970-01
【DC Electronic Load application share】Car emergency starting power supply Test
Car Emergency starting Power Supply Test------DC Electronic Load Application :When the number of cars in China is close to 150 million,...
17 2022-08
How to Use Programmable DC power supply
Instructions for Programmable DC Power Supply :1. Display voltage adjustment: press the [VSET] key, the voltage display window will display ...
18 2022-07
The composition and function of programmable DC power supply
The programmable DC power supply is mainly composed of input grid filter, input rectifier filter, converter, output rectifier filter, contro...
17 2022-07
Programmable DC power supply functions
Nowadays, with the continuous development of various electronic equipment, they also have higher requirements for DC power supply. Compared ...
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