How to use a DC electronic load

1. Selection of voltage, current and power; Choice of accuracy and resolution. According to the measured source (power supply, battery, charging pile..) The voltage, current, power, accuracy, and resolution of the electronic load should be selected.

2. Basic functions

There are three to six programming modes for electronic loads on the market. Most electronic loads have the following four basic programming modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power; According to the source under test, select the electronic load with the corresponding function.

3. Dynamic on-load

Change slope: The rate at which the electronic load changes from 10% to 90% of the change, in units of A/mS, A/uS in the CC state.

Response time: The minimum time, in uS, that an electronic load can complete a change.

Dynamic (transient) frequency of electronic load: dynamic frequency (contains only one rising edge or falling edge, or the number of changes per unit time), transient frequency (contains rising edge plus falling edge in one cycle).

4. Sequence function

The sequence function refers to the combination of many stationary Settings in a chronological order into a measurement process. It can complete the measurement of the whole quality parameters of a product. This function greatly simplifies the tedious setting and reduces the test workload. With the storage Settings and invocation function, the operation is greatly simplified.

5. Analog on-load (external programming input)

This function is set to achieve more complex electronic load with load changes. Dynamic bandload is a bandload function that simulates a trapezoidal wave variation, and this function greatly expands the variation mode that the electronic load can perform. As long as the signal generator can produce a voltage of 10V below the waveform signal, the electronic load can be simulated.

6. Protection and other function selection.

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