How DC Electronic Load Work

DC electronic load is a kind of power electronic device designed and implemented based on power electronic technology, computer technology and automatic control technology. It can simulate various load characteristics and has the advantages of flexible use and energy saving. Used to test the power supply, the power supply reliability test (aging discharge test), output characteristics test, etc., to test its technical indicators and performance. Electronic load is divided into DC electronic load and AC electronic load. According to whether the energy is fed back to the grid, it is divided into energy-regenerative DC electronic load and energy-consuming DC electronic load. The application is as follows:

Measured -- electronic -- electric

Power supply - load - network

DC electronic load makes the measured power supply output port 2 presents the simulation of load characteristic, for example to simulate a 50 euro resistance, measured power source is dc constant voltage source, 50 v, then the function of the dc electronic load is adjusting current of dc power = 50 v / 50 o = 1, satisfies the characteristics of the output power of ohm's law.

In other words, the power supply under test has an output voltage of 50 v and a current of 1A, so that the dc electronic load is equivalent to a 50 ohm resistor. The DC power supply is a power supply, while the DC electronic load is used to test the power supply (equivalent to a real load), and the DC electronic load can be used to test the DC power supply, which are different.

DC electronic load functions :

With the development of the electronic market, the requirements for electronic measuring instrument food equipment are also constantly improving, in some LED drivers, power modules, chargers and other tests, will be used to DC electronic load meter, now this has become an essential test equipment. The use of DC electronic load meter can test the LCD and other computer components of the internal power supply module is aging, can test the stability of some DC power supply, etc. So its role in the electronic market is not to be underestimated.

For DC electronic load tester it has a lot of functions, next to a detailed understanding of its various functions.


1. Intelligent function.

The intelligent function of DC electronic load can make the load itself can automatically complete the product test, and support the dynamic test sequence. In addition, it can continuously, pulse, flip and simulate the dynamic load of any waveform.

2. Sequence function.

In complex applications such as electronic product development, production line product aging, quality inspection, the DC electronic load itself edits a complex test sequence to simulate various changes in the load input and perform automatic test functions. Especially for the whole test of power supply products, various test functions can be set as a sequence, with a variety of trigger sources for flexible automatic test.

3. Transient function.

This function means that the modules of DC electronic load switch between two different values in the same function, which can be used to test the dynamic characteristics of the power supply and test the dynamic indicators of various power supplies.

The functional operation can be continuous, flip and pulse modes, and can be quickly switched between the main value and transient value, in addition to the flexible setting of constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance rise slope and fall slope. Users can also easily change the change slope to simulate complex load behavior with this feature.

4, simulation programming function-DC Programmable Electronic Load Tester

When the measured power supply needs irregular dynamic on-load (non-trapezoidal change), this function can be used to achieve more simulation of on-load situation.

5. Internal state monitoring function.

In the ATE test system, production line, quality inspection and other aspects, the electronic load based on multiple electronic load function test, and monitor the actual test results, complete product quality control. The user can monitor the working state of the electronic load in real time by monitoring the signal terminal, monitor the difference between the actual value and the displayed value of the load, and dynamically change the execution state when load is taken, and it is very convenient to use external digital voltmeter or oscilloscope to monitor the voltage value and current value of the load.

6, low voltage operation function.

The low voltage operation of the electronic load is powerful, which can achieve true zero voltage feeding voltage and full current feeding voltage.

7. Protection function.

DC Electronic load ,The hardware of the product provides internal protection (protection of the load) and external protection (protection of the device under test). It can effectively protect over voltage, over current, over power, over temperature, low voltage and voltage reverse.

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