[Application Share] Test application of lightning rod system for military aircraft

The test object of this case is the military-grade lightning rod system, which is installed on the fuselage of the medium and large UAV, and is applied to the scenes of multi-service, public security departments, railway systems and forest systems.

The lightning rod test is to artificially simulate the influence of lightning waves on the core performance of the aircraft through the test equipment, so as to carry out the lightning protection test to verify the safety of the aircraft in the lightning environment. The test mainly verifies the on-off and durability of the lightning rod system, and the voltage and current accuracy and stability are required to reach the first-level standard, and the test data need to be recorded in real time.

Problems the customer wants to solve:

1, the test current is larger (more than 300 a), existing equipment can not meet the test requirements.

2, within the adjustable range of the output current, the current rise rate is at least 3.5A/us.

3. Record the voltage and current data of the corresponding test in real time.

4, equipment as far as possible to occupy a small area.

Problems solved by Faith products for customers:

1. Customers need to complete the test as soon as possible due to tight time and heavy tasks. Fes responded efficiently, coordinated the test and application of power supply and electronic load prototype, and solved the urgent needs of customers without confirming the purchase.

2, Faith FT68200E series electronic load, slope can be as high as 6 a / 600 a electronic load to us.

3, FT68200E series electronic load with instantaneous 2 times more than the rated power load capacity.

4. Provide mature graphical upper computer software, which can record voltage and current data in real time and facilitate the import and export of recorded data.

5. FTP9000 series power supply is designed for users with the function of slow rise and slow fall of output voltage, which is simple and easy to use, and can realize the voltage slope range: 0.6Mv/ s-6kV /s

6, Faith FTP9000 series power supply and FT68200E series electronic load are the industry's top power density, to the greatest extent, save the instrument space for customers.