FTS8400R series feedback battery charge and discharge test system

FTS8400R series feedback battery charge and discharge test system provides users with a full set of charge and discharge test scheme from single cell to MW battery pack. The test system adopts bidirectional energy regenerative structure, and the feedback efficiency is 80%. Compared with the traditional charge and discharge system, the energy generated by the battery discharge can be returned to other electrical equipment in the plant, which greatly saves the electricity cost of the terminal. Meanwhile, the energy consumption and volume are smaller, and the test site is also saved.

The test system adopts full digital design, with wide voltage range, high precision and high dynamic response characteristics. Meanwhile, the independent channel design enables the module to effectively cope with various complex application environments, and the system runs more safely, reliably, economically and with stronger environmental adaptability. The system is equipped with testing software, providing complex working condition simulation function, can edit various complex test steps, flexible and free. At the same time, it also has DC impedance test, cycle life test, different rates of charge and discharge capacity test and other functions. Test data can be saved and queried.