FT6100 series multi-channel DC electronic load (45W*12CH/150W*12CH/300W*6CH)

Voltage range: 60V, 500V;

Current range: 3A ~ 40A; 

Power range: 45W*12CH/150W*12CH/300W*6CH

The FT6100 series is a multi-channel programmable DC electronic load product developed with high reliability and integration. The products are tailored for integrated applications and are extremely cost-effective. It can replace low-power single electronic loads in most integrated applications, which can save a lot of space for system construction and greatly save costs. FT6100 is specially designed for embedded integrated application development, standard 19-inch chassis size, equipped with RS485, LAN communication interface, and adopts Modbus-RTU. It supports the secondary development of most software platforms such as Visual C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, Labview, etc. Users can customize the application software according to their needs.