FTLP Series 100W/180W Portable Programmable DC Power Supply

The FTLP series is a kind of programmable Portable bench  DC power supply, with the widest output range, which allows engineers to test more program requirements with just one device. To be exact, the FTLP series provides full power all the way down to 25% of the rated output voltage. The FTLP series is equipped with RS232 and RS485 as standard interfaces that are essential for system integration, you can also choose USB or LAN interface as your add-on interface. The series supports SCPI and MODBUS-RTU protocol, which is convenient for all kinds of test platform. The FTLP series DC power supply can be widely used in battery chargers, high-voltage ultra-high-speed diodes, electrolytic capacitors, electromechanical control fields, and ATE test systems, etc.