FT8340 series Multi channel battery simulator

The FT8340 series is a high precision, multi-channel, dual quadrant programmable battery simulator.The current of the simulator can be charged and discharged,and supports various fault simulations, which can not only meet the requirements of BMS testing, but also meet the ATE testing of consumer electronics products.There are at most 12 channels in a device, and each channel is electrically isolated, which is convenient for users to use in series. The built-in upper computer software is easy to operate, flexible and easy to use. It supports single channel programming operations, multi-channel editing operations, and multi process programming operations.

The FT8340 series uses a standard 19 inch chassis,2U height, and provides dual network ports and RS485 communication interfaces, which is convenient for integrating into the R&D and production line automation test platform, or can be used alone.