FTG series Modular high-power programmable DC power supply (4~600kW)

Voltage: 10V/15V/20V/30V/40V/50V/60V/80V/100V/160V/250V/300V/400V/


Power: 4-600KW

FTG series programmable DC switching power supply, voltage range from 10V to 1500V, single current up to 12000A, single maximum power of 600kW. The first technology in China, it still maintains 0.1% control and measurement accuracy when working with high current, providing strong support for sensor testing, superconducting material testing, cable testing and other tests.

The FTG series has the advantages of high power density, high current and low ripple noise, fast transient response, high resolution and high accuracy. The power supply system uses a modular stack architecture. The modules are connected through high-speed external buses, which ensures high reliability and facilitates maintenance and expansion. It can be used in laboratory test, vehicle equipment test, solar inverter test, DC/DC converter and inverter test, engine start test, automatic battery charging, and electronic product life cycle test.

FTG series is equipped with LAN/RS232/GPIB (optional) interface, which supports both SCPI protocol and standard ModBus-RTU protocol. Combined with built-in isolation number/mode control interface (optional), it brings great application diversity and convenience for system integration applications.