FTH series high-power programmable DC power supply (4~15KW)

Voltage range: 0 ~ 1500V;

Current range: 0 ~ 1200A;

Power range: 4 ~ 15KW;

High power density (15KW in 3U)

The FTH series is a high-power DC switching power supply with the advantages of high power, high current, low ripple noise, fast transient response, high resolution, and high precision. It can be applied to laboratory test, vehicle equipment test, solar inverter test, DC/DC converter and inverter test, engine start test, automatic battery charging, electronic product life cycle test, etc.

The FTH Series offer many unique advantages for telecom, automated test system & integration, industrial, battery charge & simulation, electric cars and motors. These advantages include a high power density of 15KW in 3U, precision readback of output current and voltage, output trigger signals, as well as the ability to create complex DC transient waveforms to test device behavior to spikes, drops, and other voltage deviations. 

The FTH series programmable DC power supply includes more than 100 different models, ranging from 5kW to 15kW, up to 1500V and up to 1200A. For high-power applications, parallel up to 5 units for up to 75kW through master-slave mode.