FTG series stackable high-power programmable DC power supply (4~600kW)

Voltage range: 0 ~ 1500V;

Current range: 0 ~ 10000A;

Power range: 4KW ~ 600KW;

FTG power supply has the advantages of high power and high current, low ripple noise, fast transient response, high resolution and high precision. It can be applied to laboratory test, vehicle equipment test, solar inverter test, DC/DC converter and inverter test, engine start test, automatic battery charging, electronic product life cycle test, etc.

FTG series power supply is the representative of the highest level power supply, with high load response speed and low ripple noise. Unique circuit design and thermal design make this power supply have very high power density, 3U height can support 15kw. At the same time, the module stack architecture is adopted, modules are connected by high-speed external bus. Therefore, the power supply has the structural advantages of easy maintenance, easy expansion and high reliability.