Demonstration, Trial and Training

1.Pre-sales prototype trial and demonstration.

Faith products combine powerful functions and cutting-edge military technology, convenient operation and perfect product function test terminal test is easier. Faith and its agents have the right and obligation to give the customer prototype trial. After understanding customer needs, arrange technical personnel and prototype to the customer for trial in a timely manner. The agency company generally needs to arrange its own technical personnel to participate in the preliminary demonstration. If the arrangement is not open, it can apply for technical support from Faith Company.

Check the working condition of the trial prototype before demonstration, bring complete product manual and single page, complete accessories and accessories for demonstration. The agency's technicians were required to go through Faith's training before they could go out and demonstrate.

2.Return visit and answer questions after trial.

Faith and its agents will ensure that problems are resolved during the trial period. During the trial period, the salesman or engineer shall make at least one telephone return visit. Solve the problem in time during the test. And in the trial after the return visit, record the use of the situation, comments and suggestions. Reward customers for constructive suggestions.

3.Product delivery and user operation training.

Under normal circumstances FAITH does not provide in-person delivery operation training, unless the customer and the salesman have a prior agreement. Customers who need operation training, please contact your sales staff to determine how to conduct operation training. Please contact the salesman for the required fee.