FTR 8200 series Regenerative DC Electric load (18KW~180KW)

FTR8200 series products are a high power density energy feedback type DC electronic load, which can simulate the complex characteristics of various loads, and can return the absorbed electrical energy to the grid, not only saving the cost of electricity and heat dissipation, but also meeting the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The voltage range of the FTR8200 series is from 80V to 2250V, and the current of a single machine can reach 4500A. Single machine adopts modular design, 3U can achieve 18kW, the maximum power is 180kW. By parallel and active current sharing, more power can be extended. With rich test functions and simple human-computer interface, FTR8200 is widely used in high-power test scenarios such as power supply, battery, automotive electronics, energy storage system and fuel cell.