FTS6000 wire harness fuse automatic test system

FTS6000 wire harness fuse automatic test system is Faith for automotive wire harness, automotive central control box, fuse and connector and other products test, verification and design of professional equipment. With custom-made yellow bench, used to simulate the body wiring environment, can effectively shorten the design and test cycle.

The FTS6000 system is equipped with high performance programmable DC electronic load array, which can simulate various conditions of testing, such as loading, unloading, overload, durability, short circuit, current cycle impact, current gradient test, fuse test and other characteristics. With the control board and temperature collector, the timing control of the relay and the temperature monitoring of the measured object can be realized.

During the test, the system software can collect the wire harness current and voltage drop in real time, and automatically calculate the equivalent resistance value and power loss value. Can preview the set test sequence waveform, real-time display with carrier shape and support test data saving and export.

The configuration of FTS6000 system is flexible, users can choose flexibly according to the test demand, and can effectively control the test cost.