FT68200A/E series high-power DC electronic load (6kW~60kW)

FT68200 series high performance high-power DC electronic load provides three voltage ranges 150 V/600 V/1200 V, maximum current 2400 A per single unit, stand-alone power from 6 kW to 60 kW, expandable up to 600 kW, 10000 A by master-slave paralleling. Ultra-high power density, 6kW is with only 4U height. Wider operating region, faster dynamic frequency, as well as transient mode, OCP/OPP test, sequence test, automatic test and battery discharge test functions greatly enhances its test strength and expands application coverage. Furthermore, two times instantaneous overpower loading capability can effectively reduces user’s test cost. Built-in standard RS232, RS485, LAN, USB (serial), optional GPIB/CAN interface, supports both SCPI and ModBus RTU protocol, which facilitates system integrators. FT68200 series has full protection functions, which can be applied to power battery discharge, DC charging station, charging piles, charging pile modules, vehicle On Board chargers (OBC), high-power switching power supplies, power electronics and other power electronics products.