FT63200A/E Medium Power Programmable DC electronic load(600W~3000W)

The FT63200A power programmable DC electron load in the IS / E series is designed based on high reliability and high power density, which can achieve 2U / 3kW, and its power density is twice that of the traditional load.

The FT63200A / E series has three voltage ranges: 150V, 600V and 1200V, and the single-unit power ranges range from 600W to 3kW. Its wider working range, extremely fast dynamic frequency, effectively increase the test ability and application range. The whole series of products have a strong overload capacity, and the instantaneous overpower pull load can reach 2 times of the rated power, which can effectively reduce the test cost.

 FT63200A / E has LAN, RS485, CAN, USB and other communication interfaces as well as analog interfaces, and supports SCPI, Modbus, CANopen communication protocols, providing great convenience for system integration applications.