FT6300A series medium and low-power DC electronic load (150W-1800W)

Voltage range: 120V/500V; 

Current range: 0 ~ 240A;

Power range: 150W/300W/600W/900W/1350W/1800W;

The FT6300 series of electronic loads have a variety of models, with power ranging from 150W to 1800W and current up to 240A. It is mainly used in the testing of various chargers/adapters, switching power supplies, LED drivers, power batteries, telecom power supplies, fuses, solar cells and their components.

The FT6300 series provides basic functions such as CC, CV, CR and CP; it has dynamic and sequence test functions to simulate various load changes; the intelligent automatic test function can greatly improve the test efficiency of the production line.

The FT6300 series come with standard RS232 interface, support SCPI commands.