FTD Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply (24V~800V, 10kW~500kW)

The bidirectional programmable DC power supply of FTD series combines two devices in one: a power supply (source) and an electronic load (sink) with energy recovery capability. Based on these two functions, FTD offers the functionality of two-quadrant operation. The regenerative capability enables the absorbed energy to be put back onto the power grid cleanly, saving costs of electricity and cooling, while not interfering with the grid. FTD series voltage ranges from 24V ~ 800V, output power ranges from 10kW ~ 500kW. FTD is the combination of high reliability, high efficiency,  high safety and high accuracy measurement. Overall, FTD is a bidirectional, regenerative power system with excellent performance, extensively used in the testing of power battery pack, new energy vehicle motor, electric control test, power battery charge and discharge test, power electronics test and other fieldsetc.