FTP9000 series high-power programmable DC Laboratory power supply (5~180KW)

Voltage: 0 ~ 2250V

Current: 0 ~ 6120A

Power: 5 to 180kW

FTP9000 series high-power programmable DC  power supply has the characteristics of high power density, high power factor, high efficiency, and wide range of output. Its wide range voltage / current output and automatic constant power function can greatly increase the application coverage. Accurate output (voltage: 0.1%+0.1%F.S.; current: 0.1%+0.2%F.S.), fast response (2ms typical) and low ripple noise (Vrms 0.02%F.S. typical) have always been the heritage of Faith Power.  

 For bench top applications, this series provides an intuitive user interface with full keypad and rotary knob. System integrators benefit from the standard USB (virtual SERIAL) and LAN interfaces supporting both SCPI commands and ModBus RTU protocol. Free application software, programming manual and a complete set of development DLLs are available to reduce programming time and increase productivity. The application software allows users to control the power supply, execute test sequences, or log measurements.