【Application Sharing】 UPS power inverter test application sharing

UPS uninterruble power supply is a kind of uninterruble power supply with constant voltage and constant frequency containing energy storage device and inverter as the main component. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment.

When the mains input is normal, UPS will supply the mains voltage to the load, at this time, the UPS is an AC mains voltage regulator, and it also charges the battery in the machine; When the mains power is interrupted (an accident power outage), the UPS will immediately supply 220V alternating current to the load through the method of inverter conversion, so that the load can maintain normal operation and protect the load software and hardware from damage. UPS equipment usually provides protection against both high and low voltages.

In this case, the Faith FTG seriescombined ultra-high power programmable DC power supply simulates the battery output and provides different DC voltage changes to the UPS power inverter. The output AC voltage value of the UPS power supply should be kept within the range of plus or minus 3% of the rated voltage value.

Customer problems:

1. When the load changes in the dynamic test, if the UPS outputs a transient voltage, a large surge current may be generated.

2. Before the discharge test, the battery must be continuously charged for 24 hours, which may damage the DC power supply due to current backperfusion.

Problems the customer wants to solve:

1. Charge the battery continuously for 24 hours, and ensure that the DC power supply is reliable and stable.

2. Check whether there is a break point in power supply during UPS conversion during dynamic test.

3. Improve the efficiency of testing.

Faith FTG series combined large power programmable DC power supply

1. Loop test

Use the sequence function to edit the actual voltage and current waveform of the power supply, which facilitates the output of complex waveforms and supports cycling.

2. Suppress overshoot

Use CV, CC priority function, effectively inhibit the impact of output overshoot.

3. Prevent current backflow

Add an additional anti-backwash circuit to solve the current backwash problem when the DC power supply is charging the battery.