15 2018-11
Programmable DC Power Supply & Electronic Load Special Function Customization
1. Special specifications.Faith provides customers with personalized functions customized for existing products : Programmable DC ...
08 2018-10
Calibration Services
1.Calibration service during warranty period.2.Calibration service outside the warranty period.3. Calibration process and certificate.
28 2017-12
Warranty Regulations And Breakdown Maintenance
1. Warranty regulations and warranty scope.Faith guarantees that the performance of all products can fully meet the parameters and indi...
19 2017-11
Demonstration, Trial and Training
1.Pre-sales prototype trial and demonstration.Faith products combine powerful functions and cutting-edge military technology, convenient ope...
18 2017-10
Service Support
         DC power supply Technical Service support : Paul   0086-14774828515  ...