Warranty Regulations And Breakdown Maintenance

1. Warranty regulations and warranty scope.

Faith guarantees that the performance of all products can fully meet the parameters and indicators claimed in the manual. Faith has strict control over the raw materials and manufacturing process used in the products to ensure the stability and reliability of the instrument. Faith promises to provide a certain period of warranty service for the instrument itself from the date of customer purchase.

Faith guarantee the production of the instrument within the warranty period and in the normal use and maintenance state of all quality failure, our company is responsible for free repair. If the instrument is damaged within the scope of warranty service and returned to the authorized repair organization within the warranty period, Faith will repair or replace it.

2. Repair in accordance with the scope of warranty service.

This WARRANTY is limited to the instrument (except fuse, BATTERIES OR accessories and giveaways) and does not apply to instruments that have been misused, left unattended, suffered an accident or are used in an abnormal working environment. If the damage is caused by wrong use, unmanaged, accident or abnormal working conditions, FAITH will submit an estimate of the extent of the damage, and repair after customer confirmation.

Man-made damage and out-of-warranty repair.

Faith products non-warranty services to take paid services, specific methods and procedures please contact Faith Sales department.

Repair process and price system shall be determined by communication and discussion between engineering department and Sales department.