DC electronic load for battery testing--charging testing

DC electronic load for Battery charging test :

Ordinary charging mode:

The constant current mode of the DC programmable electronic load is an easy way to recharge the battery, which can achieve 100% charge. However, slow charging is a major drawback of this method, as the charging current is only a fraction of the battery's rated ampere-hour value, so charging can take 14 to 16 hours.

Fast pulse charging mode:

Pulse charging, also known as dynamic (transient) mode, can shorten charging time and charge the battery to more than 90% of its capacity. Faith Technology DC-programmable electronic load as a switch to provide current pulses (Faith Technology DC-programmable electronic load transient mode and sequence mode can be achieved). The figure shows a typical pulse charging current wave.

Energy saving features during discharge: You can program the DC programmable electronic load to simulate the leakage current when the battery is discharged, and discharge the battery with a constant current or pulse current waveform. In some cases, the pulse discharge enables the battery to mimic the energy saving characteristics of the product. Simulating battery discharge in a mobile phone, for example, is extremely complicated because it operates in various modes -- standby, dial, talk. You can also use a DC programmable electronic load to create the desired three-state discharge current waveform shown in Figure 3.

The constant current mode using a DC programmable electronic load is used to recharge the battery. Constant current charging is simple and effective, but can be slow. Faith Technology programmable DC programmable electronic load built-in protection voltage, can prevent the battery overcharge or overdischarge.

Pulse charging with DC programmable electronic loads in transient or sequential mode is much faster and allows 90% recharging.

Complex waveforms (sequences and transients) that simulate energy saving modes of portable battery-powered products.

If the above functions do not provide enough complex variation of load conditions to meet the test, to simulate the variation of load of miscellaneous more complex waveforms, Faith Technology programmable DC programmable electronic load provides external programmed signal input control to achieve the desired dynamic load of any waveform form.

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