【DC Electronic Load application share】Car emergency starting power supply Test

Car Emergency starting Power Supply Test------DC Electronic Load Application :

When the number of cars in China is close to 150 million, the application of corresponding cars is increasing. Almost every car runs out of battery power at some point. So the question is, should you call a car service, tow truck, or just use the car's power source?


The difference between Car emergency starting power supply and ordinary Mobile power supply:

 The battery cell is different, ordinary mobile power supply uses 18650 or soft pack battery, charge and discharge ratio is very small, the general working current at 1C (battery with double the capacity value of the current charge and discharge), work for one hour. When the car starts, it often reaches 100A or hundreds of amps and works for a few seconds. The application environment is different, so the requirements of the cell are different. Car starting power, the use of high rate discharge cell, generally choose 30C or 40C cell to use, of course, the price of the cell is more expensive than ordinary.

Cars have two systems, 12V for petrol cars and 24V for diesel cars. The ordinary mobile power supply uses parallel to increase the capacity, and the starting power supply is series to increase the voltage. For a power supply of the same capacity, several times as many cells will be used to start the power supply.

Because of the rapid discharge, the starting power supply will generally be directly output without going through the protection plate and voltage conversion. So when using must be careful, positive and negative electrode can not be connected backwards.

The starting power supply is generally connected by a number of high rate cells in series, and then can be converted to 5V,19/20V, and some can also be converted to AC power supply. Direct output does not do any protection and control, just add a fuse on the output line.

Car Emergency starting Power Supply test :

When testing, use DC electronic load for output testing. For example, FT6840N(40V/600A/4kW)

Perform pulse or simulated working condition function tests to simulate the working conditions of various types of cars when they start, so as to impact test the starting power supply.

Software was used to record the characteristic curves of the multiple impact characteristics and the number of times the full can start.

Test the minimum power capacity for normal startup.

Use the automatic testing function to perform automatic testing and automatic judgment of other output functions.

Use software to produce test reports.

DC Electronic Load Testing advantage :

     1. 0 ~ 40V, single current up to 1200A.

     2. Low pressure with load capacity up to 0.2V@1200A.

     3. 20KHz transient test function, can set the slope of rise and fall.

     4. Comprehensive protection functions: over voltage, over current, over temperature, current limit, power limit, input reverse connection, etc.

     5. Test battery capacity and battery internal resistance.

     6. Support external analog programming control.

Relying on many years of experience in DC Electronic Load test and measurement industry, Faith electronic load can be developed for the requirements of automotive power test scenarios. Its ring control unit has high bandwidth, strong anti-oscillation ability, and can adapt to the test requirements of power characteristics to the greatest extent, and can provide you with perfect test solutions.

DC Electronic Load selection :

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