FT66100A multi-channel DC electronic load (300W/600W, 80V/500V)

FT66100 series multi channel DC electronic load has 16-bit precision voltage and current measurement with dual-range, 20 kHz transient response. The FT66100A electronic load mainframe accepts the user-installable FT66100 series load modules, and can be mounted into a 19″ instrument rack, built-in RS232 and optional GPIP/LAN support SCPI commands, which facilitates system integration. The FT66100A load mainframe holds up to six FT66103A or FT66105A load modules, which will result in an 6-channel 300W/channel load with standard front-panel inputs. Also the main frame can control all modules synchronously or individually, this makes it ideal for testing multiple output switching power supplies and multiple output DC-DC converters. There are also 600W modules that can be mixed for an even more versatile system. The FT66100 series provides program automatic test, OCP test, etc.. Additionally, the GO/NG output port is useful for UUT's pass/fail testing on an automated production line or ATE system.