FTGK Series Industrial programmable DC power supply (20kW ~ 1800kW)

Single machine range: voltage: 0 ~ 1000V, current: 0 ~ 6000A, power: 20 ~ 1800kW

FTGK series ultra-high power industrial programmable DC power supply, widely used in the industrial scene of high-quality DC power supply, with high reliability (can work stably for a long time), high environmental adaptability (high and low temperature and humidity resistance, dust resistance), small electromagnetic interference (small interference to the grid) and other remarkable characteristics.

FTGK series power supply is suitable for all kinds of industrial or field environment DC power supply, including industrial production (such as vapor deposition, ion deposition, vacuum coating, electrolysis of hydrogen production); Electronic products aging test (such as compressor, vehicle equipment, inverter, DC motor); On-site charging and replenishment support (such as airport, station, wharf); Dc lighting power supply, etc.